Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sarkozy Wants To Avoid Emergence Of China’s Wave To Boycott French Goods

http://www.sina.com.cn December 10,2008 07:51 on the Global Times

Global Times special correspondent Chenyu reports: After China-France relation appears intense because of French president Sarkozy’s meeting with Dalai , western medium all are making a guess on the possible “punishment” France will get, The French medium is furthermore paying close attention whether China will appear boycotting French goods again.In fact , judging from the condition that the medium reports,Sarkozy in person is also trying to avoid China’s wave to boycott French goods.

China side hopes France to correct the mistake.After Sarkozy meets with Dalai , the reaction of Chinese government and public is always the focal point of French medium. Following reporting "Carrefours of China still get quantities of customers", Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ routine press conference on December 9 becomes the emphasis of French medium. In the meeting, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jian Chao says, The responsibility for current China-France diplomatic difficulty is due to France. He hopes that France attaches importance to the core benefit of China and France , scrupulously abides by promise and practises what it preaches. Agence France Presse has quoted Liu Jian Chao 's words saying that Sarkozy’s meeting with Dalai has hurted China-France relation, " this event has produced negative effect on China-France cooperation,including economy and trade cooperation ".

The French medium reports , France president Sarkozy hopes to weaken the negative effect to China-France relation brought by the meeting. France "Liberation Daily " says , Sarkozy indicates that "we shouldn’t exaggerate this matter ". The French medium reports ,on the press conference after Sarkozy’s meeting with Dalai,he reaffirms "the position insisting that there is only one China , Tibet is one part of China".Besides, Sarkozy emphasizes once again the significance of China-Europe relation, saying that "the world needs a open China,and China also needs a powerful Europe ".

Associated Press reports on 9th that the French leaders of commercial circles express their worry about the adverse effect brought by strained China-France relation. It also says Sarkozy seeks to desalt the consequence brought by the meeting , hoping to avoid the tide of Chinese boycotting French goods that turned up early this year because of some Tibetan separatists’ creating a disturbance in Paris.

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